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Bahrain halves the amount needed for ‘expat’ investors to self-sponsor

On November 21, 2019

Bahrain has halved the amount foreigners need to invest to self-sponsor, from 100,000 BHD (USD 265,222)  to 50,000 BHD (USD 132,611), in a bid to boost investment in the country. Expats and their dependents who meet the investor visa criteria will be given a renewable 2 to 10 years residence permit without a sponsor. Bahrain allows 100% foreign ownership of businesses in certain sectors. 

Bahrain also allows expats who own property worth BHD 50,000 (USD 132,611) in designated areas to obtain a self-sponsored visa. 

The new policy was approved after a proposal by Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa. The website of Bahrain’s Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs has not yet been updated to reflect the new changes.

Similar policies across the GCC allows expat business owners, investors and property owners to enter and reside without a sponsor, as our previous report details. 

This form of self-sponsorship is distinct from Bahrain’s Flexi Permit scheme, which targets lower-income migrants and is restricted to migrants with terminated or expired work-permits.