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Oman steps up nationalisation scheme in its private sector

On July 17, 2020

Following the pandemic-driven economic downturn and plummeting oil prices, Oman has stepped up its Omanisation policy through Ministerial Decision 182/2020 on Governing the Practice of Some Professions. 

According to the decision the following 11 professions shall be reserved for Omanis in the private sector: 

  1. Internal housing supervisor
  2. Sociology specialist
  3. Social care specialist
  4. Psychologist
  5. Social service specialist
  6. General social worker
  7. Student activities specialist
  8. Social research technician
  9. Social service technician
  10. Assistant social service technician
  11. Social worker

Article 2 of the decision stipulates that valid permits for the non-Omani workforce in the above professions shall be valid until the date of their expiry, suggesting impending job loss for the expatriate workforce. 

The Ministry of Manpower has also issued other ministerial decisions regarding Omanisation of fisheries and the mining sector, wherein in both sectors the total Omanisation rate must be raised to 35% by 2024 with some leadership jobs targeted with Omanisation rate of up to 70% in the fishing sector and 60% in the mining sector.