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PowerMech Engineering, Al Sahr Holding Group, Doha, Qatar

On March 2, 2021

Subject: Unpaid EOSB 

Date: 8 February 2021

I am Bala, and I worked with a construction company in Qatar, Al Sarh Holding Group, PowerMech. I resigned from my job due to family separation caused by the pandemic. I worked for them from 2 March 2019 to 15 June 2020. They promised to pay my two months pending salary and the settlement amounted to QR20,000. They claim it has gone to the Wage Protection System. But my bank account statement does not reflect this. Even jobless, I paid my room rent and other expenses there and waited for two months to collect my pending but they did not give that to me. So I left Qatar on 14 August 2020. But until now I haven’t received my dues and they are not responding. I reported this to the Qatar National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) also but received no response. I have been writing to the HR Manager Mr Islam Abozied, HR Manager and Mr Irhabi, Assistant CEO, requesting for my payment.


Notes and Follow Up

MR has reached out to the company but has received no response.

MR has also reviewed communication to the NHRC and several exchanges between the complainant and the officials named in the letter. There are also mails to the company, requesting settlement of dues.

The company has also given an experience letter confirming the complainant’s service record.

The company has several projects including Affordable Housing at Al Kreana, Apartment Complex at Old Airport.