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Migrant Communities From War-Affected Countries, Part II

The 19th Cycle Ensaniyat Fellows chose to focus on migrant communities living in Kuwait and Qatar (CoDs) from war-affected countries, with a particular focus on Palestine, Syria, and Sudan.

The three-part campaign begins with a brief background on what is happening in each country, followed by interviews conducted by fellows with individuals from Palestine, Syria, and Sudan, exploring themes of identity and long-term belonging in CoDs. The final part of the campaign is a survey findings summary where residents and nationals in Kuwait and Qatar were asked to explore their stance and understanding on socio-economic, cultural, and political barriers migrant communities are facing.

Reflections from fellows who conducted the interviews:

“[…] Thanks to our conversation, I gained a deeper understanding of Palestinians and Palestinians living abroad. This interview served as a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy, compassion, understanding and hope. I encourage people to reach out to people from diverse backgrounds and engage in meaningful conversations, listen attentively, and ask open-ended questions. By doing so, we can broaden our perspectives and promote understanding and appreciation for one another.” - A.N, 19th Cycle Fellow

“During the interview, I learned a lot about what it means to be a migrant worker and the hardships they face. It is not always what you would expect, and there is more to being a migrant worker than simply moving to another country. […] What came as a surprise is the fact that the person that I interviewed did not have a support group. […] The recommendation I have for viewers intending to have similar conversations is to be more open to hearing migrant workers’ stories, and to be less judgmental when hearing it. […]” - S.A, 19th Cycle Fellow

“[…] One notable eye-opener was the evolving sense of home in Kuwait for the interviewee, initially on a temporary visit but now, resonating with a profound connection due to family presence. The unexpected impact of war on mental health, education, and financial stability underscored the harsh realities faced by migrants, emphasizing the pivotal role of established communities for support and connection. […] Furthermore, there's a compelling call to action to amplify awareness, advocate for comprehensive legal reforms, and provide support for communities affected by conflict, urging both policymakers and society to address the unique challenges encountered by migrants in regions marked by war.” - A.A, 19th Cycle Fellow

Interviews with Migrant Community Members

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