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Protect them from heat

On July 17, 2007

Campaign to ensure implementation of break rule in Bahrain launched
By Suad Hamada, Special to Gulf News

Manama: A massive labour inspection campaign started yesterday to ensure implementation of the ban on construction and other outdoor work between noon and 4pm, labour official said.

The Director of Public and International Relations at the Ministry of Labour Subah Al Dossary told Gulf News that to ensure that companies obey the decision that was taken by the Cabinet in June and was effective after its publication in the official Gazette on July 12, labour inspectors would visit worksites, especially during the noon break period.

Besides checking the implementation of the decision, labour officials would inspect occupational safety measures taken by companies and enhance labourers' awareness.

"The ban will continue until the end of August and it aims at protecting workers from summer heat and sun," Al Dossary said.

He said companies violating the ban would pay a fine of up to 300 dinars and the amount could double according to the number of workers caught working during the ban.

The ban was criticised by construction companies as it would delay their projects, but migrant workers' protection representatives and human rights activities welcomed the decision that was also implemented last year, Al Dossary said.

Finally some relief for the workers from the scorching heat!