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UN Special Rapporteur Asks UAE to End Racism

On October 18, 2009

Githu Muigai, UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and xenophobia, ended a recent 5-day visit to the UAE by calling for an end to discrimination against the country's population of migrant workers.

He voiced concerns about the system of granting citizenship, the problem of human trafficking and the Emirati education system, which appears to be presenting an obstacle to the integration of foreigners into society.

Mugai said that the UAE had made some significant steps towards social integration, but that more needs to be done to end a culture of discrimination on the grounds of race.

"The United Arab Emirates is a unique country, where non-nationals constitute the vast majority of the population and where nationals represent a minority in their own country. The influx of foreigners which has been supported by the Government to satisfy the demands of a fast-growing economy has contributed to the building of the country in a positive manner. Yet it has created tremendous challenges for the Emirati society in terms of national identity, social integration and capacity of absorption" he said

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