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Rise in Suicide of Migrant Workers in Bahrain

On February 9, 2010

The Gulf Daily News reported last week about a growing number of suicides by migrant workers in Bahrain compared to previous years.

Only last month, four workers have committed suicide: two Ethiopian maids and two Indian workers (the latter are mentioned in the report). Alfredo D'Souza, founder and Vice-Chairman of the Manama based Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS), said that many suicide victims are poor laborers who pay high fees so they can enter Bahrain, and in order to support their families back home, they themselves go hungry.

Secretary General of the Bahrain Human Rights Society, Dr. Abdulla Al-Deerazi, told the paper that more suicides of migrant workers are inevitable if living conditions of migrants aren't improved. Al-Deezari added that when migrants "don't see any way to repay the debt, they feel they have no other choice than to commit suicide. But this is not a solution to any problem."