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Lebanon: Statement Against Segregation at Private Beaches

On September 1, 2011

The Lebanese Minister of Tourism ordered a decree this week calling on all tourism venues to adopt anti-discrimination policies. This is welcome news in Lebanon, a country where private beaches and hotels routinely deny entry to migrant domestic workers on the basis of their race:

In a circular – number 20 – issued Saturday, Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud urged to all tourism-related venues to cater to all customers without any form of discrimination, whether in terms of race, nationality or those with disabilities, reported the National News Agency.

Abboud also called on the venues to ensure the provision of facilities and access ways for people with disabilities in accordance with decree 4221/2000 as well as the organizational decision of Jan. 12, 2010.

Full story at The Daily Star Lebanon

Human Rights Watch and Anti Racism Movement have worked extensively to highlight the issue of racial segregation in Lebanon.

Here are some examples from Anti Racism Movement's blog:

Outrageous signs banning guests from bringing their maids to beaches/hotels

Another sign at a beach, showing entrance fees for adults, children and 'miscellaneous' (for maids)

ARM's first press release (in Arabic)