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Wikileaks and Migrant Workers

On September 1, 2011

Wikileaks are out again with a new batch of information and data. This time, there is tons of content on the situation of migrants in the region and specifically the issue of trafficking.

Check this document as a sample.

This is a paragraph Ethiopian Suicides linked to.

-- From late 2005 to early 2006, Lebanon (refused to grant visas) to Ethiopian nationals. However, thousands of Ethiopians illegally crossed the border in pursuit of work (and/or as victims of trafficking). Over the last 14 months (since Lebanon has lifted their visa ban against Ethiopian nationals), the amount of trafficking to Lebanon has increased.

-- IOM officials cite Yemen as a significant transit point, for young Ethiopian girls (average age 14-15) being trafficked to Djibouti. A recent impact assessment concludes that many of these trafficked girls in Djibouti have HIV/AIDS.

-- There are no reports of trafficking of Ethiopians to the United States. A few years ago, IOM reported that approximately a dozen clients claimed that a smuggler was charging up to 80,000-100,000 birr (USD 9,050- 11,312) to smuggle them into the United States. Since then, there is little to no information available about these routes. Yemen and Lebanon have been identified as some of the most popular destinations for trafficking and smuggling.