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Kin suspects foul play in death of Qatar OFW

On October 5, 2011

The family of an overseas Filipino worker who was found dead at the top of her rented apartment in Doha, Qatar on September 4, 2011 is suspecting that there was foul play involved based on the initial observation on her remains, according to a Filipino migrants rights group Migrante-Middle East.

Migrante-Middle East (M-ME) through its local chapter, the Samahan ng Migranteng Mangagawa in Qatar (SAMMAQA), on Sept.25 reported OFW Edielyn Buno Mirasol, 28 years old, from Tagum, Davao City, was found dead at the top of the apartment where she is residing on September 4, 2011 in Doha, Qatar.

SAMMAQA reported that a fellow OFW and flat-mate found her laid back on top of the platform with rope on her neck. The fellow OFW reported to the local police on the same day OFW Edilyn was found dead.

“Our Migrante chapter in Davao City confirmed that OFW Edielyn remains’ arrived in Tagum, Davao on Sept.30,” said John Leonard Monterona, M-ME regional coordinator.

Monterona added that Migrante-Davao were able to talked to one of the sisters of OFW Edielyn as the group asked its Migrante chapter in Davao to convey their sympathy to the OFW’s family and relatives.

“The family of OFW Edielyn raises doubt on the report that she had committed suicide since they’ve found out blood clot marks on her bodies and a wound and crack on her jaw which seems a hard thing had hit her and they noticed signs that she physically struggled with someone,” Monterona citing reports from Migrante-Davao after talking to the family of OFW Edielyn.

Monterona said the husband does not believed that OFW Edielyn had to take her own life because allegedly it has a relationship with other man and that she got pregnant which she became problematic.

“The report of her confession to her church that she would like to end her life allegedly because of homesickness was also belied by her husband,” Monterona citing report from Migrante-Davao.

Monterona said it would be of help if the OFW Edielyn husband and family will decide to subject her remains to an autopsy.

“The result of the autopsy will lead us to more convincing information leading to the confirmation of the real cause of her death,” the Saudi-based Migrante leader added.

Monterona said his group traced that ‘speculations’ of her suicide came from the PH embassy in Doha.

“As we are not convinced of the initial findings by the PH embassy in Doha that she had committed suicide because allegedly she was in an illicit relationship and is pregnant, we, in fact, have strongly urged the embassy to deeply conduct an investigation,” Monterona added.

Monterona deplores PH ambassador to Doha Cresente Relacion for his ‘irresponsible’ statement during a TV network interview aired last Saturday that his office initial information is that OFW Edilyn committed suicide as she was problematic on her illicit relationship and is pregnant, without deeply probing her case first.


Written by:

John Leonard Monterona

Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator