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Expatriates banned from Kuwait's airport

On November 19, 2016

Kuwaiti authorities seem to find a "solution" for everything in banning expatriates! A couple of months ago, the Ministry of Interior said it will not renew the residencies of up to 100,000 domestic workers who carry driving licenses "as they cause traffic jams" in the country! Meanwhile, Kuwait's plan to segregate health services is still proceeding under the same justification; that expatriates "overwhelm" health facilities, causing longer waiting hours for citizens! The exclusion and discrimination are just never ending.

Now, expatriates in Kuwait will not be allowed into Kuwait's airports, except for travelling. The MOI says expats are causing a congestion in the airport, as each traveller of them is accompanied by "ten others" or approached by compatriots hoping to send things to their families back home. The new regulation will only allow expats to be present at the main gate.