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ILO defers consideration of Comission of Inquiry into Qatar

On March 22, 2017

The ILO has deferred consideration of a Commission of Inquiry into Qatar until November 2017. In a decision released on March 22, the ILO has requested that Qatar continue to provide information on its progress in implementing labour and migration reforms. The decision specifically requests information on Law No 21. of 2015 and Law No 1 on 4 January 2017 relating to the entry, exit, and residence of migrant workers, the Domestic Worker’s Law of 8 February 2017,  and the 19 October 2016 Laws establishing Worker’s Dispute Resolution Committees.

The ILO has requested that Qatar continue to engage with the ILO in a technical cooperation programme to improve labour inspection and occupational safety and health systems, allow for workers' representation, and end the Kafala system.

The ILO had initially set March 2017 as the deadline for Qatar to show progress or potentially face a Commission of Inquiry. Following the submission of Qatar’s report to the ILO governing body in February 2017, a request was made to defer the decision to November 2017.  The UAE and Sudan unsuccessfully lobbied for complaints against Qatar to be dropped entirely.