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UAE announces a full waiver on all visa fines for 3 months

On May 21, 2020

According to a new order in the UAE, all residents with entry or residency permits that expired before 1 March  2020, will be exempted from paying fines if they leave the country after 18 May 2020. The order is valid for a period of three months. 

Since 17 March, UAE authorities have temporarily suspended the issuance of all entry visas and also suspended the issuance of all work-permits from 19 March until further notice.

Earlier in March, the UAE Cabinet announced the automatic extension of residency permits and ID cards that expired from 1 March for a period of three months. The decisions are subject to renewal at the end of the extension period.

Other Gulf countries have declared more extensive amnesties for irregular workers who wish to leave or regularise their status, or automatically renewed resident or visit permits free of charge.