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Oman fines businesses that violate Covid-19 precautions

On July 14, 2020

Oman enacted Ministerial Decision 186/2020 which amends some provisions regulating private sector businesses that violate the Covid-19 precautions set by the Supreme Committee for Managing the Developments of the Spread of the Coronavirus. The decision stipulates that the Ministry of Manpower shall have the authority to shut down businesses that violate Covid-19 precautions upon the recommendations of the epidemiological investigation team formed by the Ministry of Health, adding a list of fines for violators:


Violation Penalty


Not leaving a seat vacant between workers while they are on board a transport vehicle.

Not dividing workers in accommodation according to their distribution in the workplace and not providing private toilets for each group and not finding a mechanism that limits the mixing of groups during meals. OR300  
Not providing isolation units for workers at their place of accommodation or not having a contract with a specialised establishment to provide this service to ensure isolation. OR500
Not observing the number of workers in each accommodation room in line with occupational health and safety requirements. OR100