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Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for workers in certain sectors in Saudi Arabia

On March 29, 2021

Several Saudi ministries have made Covid19 vaccinations mandatory for workers in certain sectors. There are about 500 vaccination centres in the Kingdom, and more than four million people (including citizens and non-citizens) have already been vaccinated so far.

The new regulation aims to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks in areas where social distancing may not be possible, as Saudi Arabia anticipates a new wave of increased Covid-19 infections in the coming period. 

According to the circulars linked below, all workers not vaccinated before the respective dates must provide negative Covid-19 PCR test results every seven days at the expense of the employer to be allowed to continue working. 

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing: All barbershop, salon, restaurant and cafe workers in Saudi Arabia from 15 May onwards. All workers who provide services to pilgrims and Umrah performers in Makkah and Madinah to be vaccinated by the first day of Ramadan. 

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development: All workers in recruitment agencies and companies that provide temporary domestic work services to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by 13 May. 

The Ministry of Sports: Those working in all gyms and sports centres.

Transport General Authority:  All public transport workers after May 13.