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Chasing the 'Dubai Dream': New Novel on Indian Migrants

On February 3, 2010

Indian author Shamlal Puri has just released a novel that follows that struggles of Indian migrants in the Gulf States. The novel, 'Dubai Dreams: The Rough Road to Riches' was released during the World Book Fair in New Delhi, and takes a human look at the impact of the financial crisis on migrant workers in the Emirate. Read the full article from Indian paper The Economic Times here.

Puri told E.T:

"Dubai is very much in the news now and 'Dubai Dreams' is a timely reminder of the tough lives and shattered dreams of Indians who are paying a heavy price in the current credit crunch that has also touched this Middle Eastern emirate....There was a time when all the flights used to lead to Dubai from India as Indians paid any airfare to chase their dreams in Dubai. Today, ironically, they are heading back home, leaving their shattered dreams behind."

We are very much looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of the book!