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Nepali Men Enslaved in Afghanistan

On February 15, 2010

Nepali men are lured into Afghanistan with the promise of high-paying jobs as security guards, only to find horrible working and living conditions as they try to repay the agents who brought them into the country. The men arrive in Afghanistan where the promised jobs turn out to be a fraud and they have to wait for up to 18 months while their debt grows before they are given a job. They live in squalid conditions and have to pay for the accommodations (if a tiny room with 6-8 inhabitants can be called that). This only increases the indebtedness they are struggling to escape.

One such case is of Ram Thapa who was told that he can get a job that would pay $1,000 per month in Afghanistan working as a security guard, which will allow him to provide better for his family. The recruiter demanded $3,900 to get Ram there, a sum that he had to borrow. When Ram arrived in Afghanistan two years ago, he discovered that the job he was promised did not exist. He was forced to wait for four months before given any work. Ram is still trapped in Afghanistan, working on repaying his debt without being able to send any money back to his family.

Those men are unable to escape their Afghani traffickers and Nepali loan-sharks and continue living in conditions that can only be described as modern-day slavery.