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300 Workers Protest Delayed Payments

On September 18, 2013

300 migrant workers Riyadh's al-Dawadmi town gathered in front of the province's labor office to protest their delayed payments. The Pakistani, Indian, and Egyptian migrants claimed they have not received any wages for several months. Police at the scene told protestors they would contact their sponsors and resolve the matter.  But the issue of non-payment is a chronic one, particularly in al-Dawadmi. The town is renowned for fraudulent companies that citizens use to (further) exploit the sponsorship system by selling fake work visas to migrants.  Migrants are duped with promises of good-paying jobs and working conditions that are not realized, and may even arrive to no job at all. Migrants are either stranded or forced to remain undocumented and work for unpredictable conditions because of debts incurred in recruitment . Returning home is not a a feasible option for most, as their unscrupulous sponsors refuse to pay their airline tickets and their own governments often fail to bear the costs.