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Oman announces series of decisions regarding expat workers

On October 10, 2020

Oman’s Ministry of Labour announced a slew of decisions relating to expat workers, in a bid to ease the stress on the private sector. 

The decisions, which run until the end of December,  include:

  • Reducing work permit renewal fees for non-Omanis from OMR 301 to OMR 201 
  • Exempting fees and fines accrued from work permits for non-Omani workers provided that they leave the Sultanate permanently
  • Allowing employers to renew expired work permits for workers who are stranded abroad without paying fines
  • Extending work permits for non-Omanis whose permit expire during this period
  • Approval to issue work permits for temporary or part-time employees, with the permit fees calculated on the basis of the number of workers the company wishes to employ
  • Private sector establishments can second workers to other establishments, provided a written agreement is signed between the establishments
  • Private sector companies can terminate contracts of their Non-Omani workers but should commit to paying all dues

The Labour Ministry did not specify the procedures and responsibilities of employers whose workers are temporarily transferred to other establishments and it is unclear what mechanisms are put in place to ensure employers who terminate contracts have committed to paying workers dues.

From 1 October, residents stranded abroad will be allowed to return to Oman without the need to obtain approval from Omani authorities, as the Sultanate resumes international and domestic flights.