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Rejection of job change requests on the rise in Qatar

On September 13, 2022

Qatar’s Ministry of Labour received 3422 and 5824 requests to change professions in July and August respectively, according to the bulletin it issued recently. In July 2641 (77%) requests were approved, 781 (23%) were declined; and in August, 4875 (84%) were approved and 949 rejected (16%). Both the number of requests for job changes and rejections are on the rise. For example, in May 2863 (99%) requests were approved and 33 (1%) rejected; and in June, 4408 (99.5%) were approved and 19  (.5%) rejected.

The rejections of new recruitment requests have also increased drastically in the last several months, likely in an effort to reduce the number of migrant workers in the country ahead of the World Cup.

Recruitment requests

Month Approved Rejected
April 3947 1174
May 3640 2451
June 4506 3407
July 2680 2012
August 5489 4456

In a move to increase data transparency, the Ministry launched a statistics dashboard last month.