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BBC Highlights Harsh Conditions Faced by Dubai Migrants

On January 22, 2011

This clip from the BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson shines a light on the harsh conditions faced by migrant workers in Dubai. Behind Dubai's dazzling facade lies a story of human misery that the government is anxious to keep away from the eyes of the public. Thousands of undocumented workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh are stranded in the Emirate each year and are unable to return home because they can't afford flights, have had their passports taken away by corrupt recruitment agents or because they are too terrified of labour cartels to try to leave. As Simpson discovers, many of these workers end up living on the streets and have no idea about how they will return to their home countries.

'200 years ago people who controlled workers used whips to enslave. Now they use immigration law' Aidan Mcquade Director of London-based Anti Slavery International, which campaigns against bonded labour, told the BBC.