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Saudi rap video highlighting migrant abuse goes viral

On February 28, 2015

A Saudi rap video highlighting the abuse of migrant workers has become an internet sensation, clocking up over 600,000 view in just four days.

The song, by Saudi-based online video network Telfaz11, puts a comic spin on the bullying of migrant workers, showing a group of Pakistan nationals rapping on a building site about the indignities of daily life.

The rap contains lyrics such as 'I carry everything on my back, I do my sponsor's work. If I go, you'll die, I'm not afraid of my sponsor. Carry the airconditioner, install the airconditioner, install everything in the house. The Saudis keep making me more of a slave'.

There is also a version with English subtitles up on YouTube.

With thanks to Canadian paper The Star  for picking this up.