UAE announces 3-month Amnesty starting August 1st

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Jul 2 2018

The UAE has announced a three-month amnesty starting on August 1st, 2018.

The amnesty will allow migrants who have overstayed their residency to either remain in the country by regularizing their status and paying a fee, or leave the UAE without legal penalties. Migrants who entered the country irregularly will also be allowed to leave without penalty  Typically, migrants who violate residency laws are fined, imprisoned, and banned from re-entry for a varying period of time.

A new 6-month visa was also announced for migrants who have overstayed their visas but want to remain in the country for work.

The UAE last had an amnesty in 2013, during which 62,000 migrants left or regularized their status.

Details of the current amnesty process have not yet been released, but a toll-free support number is forthcoming.

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